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TASTE Jr is the perfect way to explore the tastes of different rock salts from around the world. this special taster-pack consists of five gemstone-like salt rocks, each of which has its own distinctive taste suited to different food types and dishes. taste all the flavours and decide which are your favorites for use with our large KITCHEN product or on the dining table with our original RIVSALT product.

total weight is about 150 grams.

kala namak salt – india

shimmering black rock salt with unique exotic fragrance and flavour, ideal for

spicing indian and oriental dishes. min 97% NaCI


halit salt – pakistan

crystal clear cubic rock salt, very intense natural salt taste, suitable for all

everyday dishes. min 99% NaCl

(transparent to white)

persian blue salt – iran (currently out of stock)

one of the rarest and most exclusive salts. initially quite present and then rather

mild with a silken sweetness. ideal for seafood, salads, french cuisine & truffles.

min 85% NaCl

(blue to white)

rose salt – bolivia

pink rose quartz rock salt, mildsweet taste, suitable for meat and vegetable

dishes. min 98% NaCI


alpine salt – austria

visually striking red-brown rock salt, very intense taste, best used on dark meat

dishes. min 87% NaCI


himalayan salt – pakistan

highly flavored with lasting spicy heat over a mild mineral body. ideal for

seasoning meat and fish, as well as vegetables. min 98.63% NaCl

(pink to white)


RIVSALT [grated salt] is from Sweden. It is a gastronomic experience and a new way of adding salt to food.

original RIVSALT is the natural centerpiece of the dining table, while the much bigger KITCHEN product is a great tool when actually preparing the dishes. LIQUORICE and LIQUORICE REFILL brings tasty kicks to just about any dessert as well as fantastic results while cooking, baking or making drinks. BLUE, REFILL, TASTE and TASTE Jr represents salt rocks in various tastes, shapes and origin. BBQ and new BBQ Pro takes your grilling experience to a whole new level. enjoy!

RIVSALT products has grown each year with new products which now can be seen on the shelves of many high street stores worldwide like MoMa Design Store in New York, Harvey Nichols and Harrods in London and NK in Stockholm. check out below find the stores closest to you.

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